Bitcoin Weekly Analysis — March 12


Market analysis: bitcoin coindesk BPI index a week rose $11.91, newspaper 419.89 million (equivalent to HK $3275), an increase of 2.92%.

Short term operation: the integration of nearly a month trend, short-term Range Trading gradually narrowed to the bottom of the short-term $400 (equivalent to HK $3120) and short-term top 420 u.. Short term investors may be in accordance with the Range as a reference.

Midline operation: from a year chart analysis, the upward trend in bitcoin prices to become, the top and bottom of the wave is higher than the first wave (Figure). With the price of 419.89 dollars, the nearest top $465.50 there is still a potential increase of 11%.

Recommended to be dropped to $405 (equivalent to HK $3198) to absorb, to $450 (equivalent to HK $3510) part of the profit. Break above resistance 455.61 $, this also is since the era of big bitcoin first substantial support bit (April 2014 has now become resistance), such as transactions with, on the look 600.0 million (equivalent to HK $4680).

Immediately to the transaction bitcoin

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