Bitcoin Weekly Analysis—Apr 18


Market analysis: bitcoin coindesk BPI index week fell $11.85, newspaper 408.04 million (equivalent to HK $3183) decline to 2.81%. Intraday Takami 4.193 dollar and low see $404.5. As last week's forecast, investors are still trading range $400.0 (equivalent to HK $3120) to $420.0 (equivalent to HK $3276) for speculation, and even in 4.193 high of $blocked, but with greater support in the neighborhood of $4.05.

Operation: such as last week's proposal, to be to fall to $4.05 (equivalent to HK $3198 near and has absorbed the words from the level of science and technology analysis, views and last week unchanged. Holding stock short-term goal is top of the trading range of $420.0 (equivalent to HK $3276), suggest part of the profit, medium-term goal is high in the first half of the year $450.0 (equivalent to HK $351), fell through $3.75 (equivalent to HK $2925) stop erosion.

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