Bitcoin Weekly Analysis—Apr 01


Market analysis: bitcoin coindesk BPI index edged up a week $0.34, newspaper 417.01 million (equivalent to HK $3253). Intraday Takami 426.9 dollar and low see 41.05 dollars.

In the absence of good or bad bitcoin news, investors are still repeated in order to narrow the trading range 405 - 420 dollars for speculation.

Recommended operation: a comprehensive number of weeks of recommendations, investors believe that investors have been absorbed in $405, and $420 has been part of the profit.

On the surface, investors will still be in a trading range 405 - $420 on yo, but investors need to pay attention to is, from the level of science and technology analysis, the index has been slightly left ascending rail (below). If the short term still failed to make a breakthrough and return rail rise, do not rule out the will have a more obvious selling pressure.

Therefore, it is suggested that if in the neighborhood of $4.05 to absorb the investors ($420.0 have been part of the profit), and the remaining goods bottom can bide one's time, the goal is to is still high in the first half of the year 4.5 dollars (equivalent to HK $351). If the fall through the bottom of the trading range of $4.05 (equivalent to HK $3159), is proposed to tie to leave. No hold the goods investors, before index did not return rail rise, it is recommended to absorb.

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