Bitcoin Weekly Analysis—Apr 08


Market analysis: bitcoin coindesk BPI index edged up a week $1.08, newspaper 418.09 million (equivalent to HK $3261). Intraday Takami $423.2 and low see $41.55.

This week the trend and level of volatility and turnover last week is similar, but slightly narrowed.

Recommended operation: last week has been mentioned, from the technical level of analysis, the index has been slightly away from the rise of the rail. So in the absence of a clear direction before (that is, not to return to the rising rail), it is not recommended to hold goods investors, should wait and see.

To in the cargo hold bottom can bide one's time, the goal is still high in the first half of the year 4.5 dollars (equivalent to HK $3510). If the fall through the bottom of the trading range of $4.05 (equivalent to HK $3159), is proposed tie to leave.

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