Bitcoin Weekly Analysis—Apr 29


Market analysis: bitcoin coindesk BPI index a week l $8.71, an increase of 1.95%, the newspaper 45.64 million (equivalent to HK $3560). Intraday Takami $46.91 and low see $4.37.

A frequency range reaches $32.1, investors are looking forward to the index to bang breakthrough mentioned significant resistance in a $450, failed to attack and break, but science and technology also did not fall wear rise bottom rail. Therefore, the line is still optimistic about the.

Last week the recommendations: "from the level of science and technology analysis, $450.0 is a big resistance, this is since the era of big bitcoin first substantial support bit (April 2014 has now become resistance), therefore, it is suggested that investors can rise in rail bottom side 4.39 dollars (equivalent to HK $3424) to absorb short-term to see resistance $450.0 (equivalent to HK $351), don't shed wear rise 5% at the bottom of the rail above can hold, so that previously in $450.0 locked the profits of investors in the lower price of $4.39 to goods.

Operation suggestion: suggestion 4.39 dollars (equivalent to HK $3424) in absorbing bitcoin investors can consider resistance in a $4.5 (equivalent to HK $3510) part of the profit, the remaining goods bottom can be holding the center line, or wear rise 5% at the bottom of the rail - $420.0 (equivalent to HK $3276) can hold.

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