Bitcoin Weekly Analysis—Apr 06


Market analysis: bitcoin coindesk BPI index a week l $3.97 increases to 0.87%, the newspaper 460.37 million (equivalent to HK $3591). Intraday Takami 461.74 dollar and low see $441.12.

This week, the index once again challenged and has regained resistance on the surface of $450 (equivalent to HK $3510), but the volume is still low, the power is not enough to challenge the next resistance (rising track top).

Operational recommendations: index continued to stabilize in more than 450 U. S. dollars (equivalent to HK $351), the technology is very promising. But the only concern is the lack of turnover, do not rule out this is a false breakout, therefore also does not recommend at the current price of $460 (equivalent to HK $3588) chasing goods.

And have to follow the above recommendations of investors, I believe has in the last week at $450 (439 dollars to buy) have been locked in a portion of the profits. This week operation with the same last week, at the bottom of the remaining goods continue to hold the middle, or wear rise bottom rail by 5% to 4.25 dollars (equivalent to HK $3315) may hold.

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