BitFX in Hong Kong to open bitcoin to find a replacement shop


Figure: Bitcoinnect chief executive officer Liang Yongxi (left) and vice chairman of the Gina Leslie BitFX

Again bitcoin company to enter the Hong Kong market.BitFX announced yesterday, the Hong Kong first bitcoin find exchange shop was officially opened, and with China bitcoin trading platform okcoin and for customers to provide bitcoin exchange equipment Bitcoinnect reached a strategic partnership agreement.Bitcoinnect chief executive Liang Yongxi said, companies will be at the end of this year to early next year in Hong Kong increased at least 20 bitcoin placement points.

Bitcoin belonging to a virtual currency, BitFX vice president Gina Leslie said, BitFX bitcoin retail stores put into service, the simplification of the bitcoin, the company launched a 3D bitcoin wallet, to strengthen the protection of BitFX user store bitcoins, the hypostatic purse can link to a user's online money package, such as lost entity Wallet, also by connected to purse users identity bills and identity authentication recovered.

At the same time, in cooperation with the BitCoinnect BitFX launched more bitcoin vending machines, Liang Yongxi pointed out that in addition to the current is arranged on the BitFX find for store bit pass, the company will early next year and increased at least 20 bit through settlements, of which five will within a week to open for use.

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