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Bitcoinnect Group is a Hong Kong registered company focusing on research & development, product development, financial-technology services and provision of one-stop cryp-to-currency corporate consultancy services. Our goal is to become the leading digital currency company in SE Asian Region.With our top-notch block-chain technology, advanced equipment, pragmatic spirit.We’ve gained a loyal customer base, and earned a global reputation in the industry. 

Bitcoinnect and BLCex are built and operated by our financial and engineering expertise. With Bitcoinnect and BLCex, users can trade digital currencies instantly and manage their capital regardless of time and location. We keep on innovating to create disruptive technology for the financial industry. Providing more quality services to our users, leading the public to utilize the benefits of digital currencies and Blockchain Technologies.

Our business

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Blockchain is an important concept of bitcoin. In essence, it’s not only a decentralized database, but also the underlying technology of bitcoin. Block chain is a series of data blocks generated by ususing cryptography, each data block contains the information of bitcoin network’s transaction. It could effectively verify the accurateness of the information and the formation of the next block. 

What is Smart Contract? “A smart contract is a set of promises defined in digital form, including the agreement of the parties involved in the implementation of these commitments.”

In essence, the working principle of these automated contracts is similar to the "if-then" statement of other computer programs. Smart contract is a verifiabl way to interact with assets in the physical world. When pre-compiled conditions are met, the smart contract executes the corresponding contract terms automatically. 

We are committed to developing and studying the technology of Block-chain and Smart contracts. Combining them with existing technologies, and applying to retail and commercialuse. We believe that decentralized tokens like Bitcoin that utilizies Blockchain, and automated smart contractscould improve the efficiency of society and businesses. 

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BLCex Bitcoin Trading Platform

The first international bitcoin trading platform across Hong Kong and Macao

A Reliable · Secure · Efficient · Fair Bitcoin Trading Platform

Round-the-clock real-time online Bitcoin trading services

Deposit and trade Bitcoin anytime, anywhere

Manage your account without any boundaries

User’s privacy is always our primary concern.

One-stop Digital Currency Customization Service

Bitcoinnect Group is the only place that you will need for building your own customized Digital Currency with your own brand and other requirements.

Customized Service includes: The Digital Currency, Trading platform,  Cloud Mining Pool,Secure Mobile and Desktop Wallet,Block explorer, etc.

Professional consultation team, one-stop solution and management

Simple to use,user-friendly interface,Reliable & Secure

Exclusive and personalized customization

Meet the different requirements of different industries

Contact us +852 2663 3680

Bitcoinnect Bitcoin Vending Kiosk

The first two-way digital currencies trading machine

R-&-D in the United States • Assembled in Korea

Custom fee structure

The most secure and largest capacity Vending Kiosk in the Word

Support different digital currencies

The Bitcoinnect is a Bank-grade digital currencies exchange kiosk,

Deposit and Withdrawal up to 2,200 and 6,800 dollar notes respectively,

It takes only about a minute for each transaction.

User can trade digital currencies instantly and securely via the built-in VPN,

It could also identify customers,

with its fingerprint scanner, EMV card reader, HD camera to ,Comply with the KYC requirements.